Our contacts

Phone: +371 29748563

Email: Info@come-it.com


Our prices

Database creating

from 20 EUR


Simple Java algorithms

from 10 EUR

Excel scripts

from 10 EUR

from 100 EUR

HTML/CSS website creating

from 50 EUR

Website creating on Wix

Audios and videos:

from 7 EUR/10min record

Sound correction

2 EUR/1 part

Audio separation

Video editing

from 15 EUR/10 min video

Voice recording

6 EUR/5 min record

Promotion video creation

from 20 EUR/1 min video

2D animation creation

from 20 EUR/1 min video

from 40 EUR/1 min video

3D animation creation

15 EUR/1 min video

Animated presentation creation

from 25 EUR/hour


Design and photos:

3D graphics

from 25 EUR

Photo editing

1 EUR/photo

Photo retouching

1.50 EUR/photo

Object cutting from photos

from 3 EUR/photo

from 20 EUR

Business card creation

from 25 EUR

Logo creating

from 30 EUR

Infographics creation

from 30 EUR

Banner creation

Furniture designing

from 50 EUR

Package design creation

from 30 EUR

Vector graphics

from 20 EUR

File conversion:

Documents conversion

0.40 EUR/file

Video conversion

0.80 EUR/file

Audio conversion

0.50 EUR/file

Image conversion

0.30 EUR/file

Electronic book conversion

1 EUR/file

Archive file conversion

1 EUR/file

Text services

Typewriting (LAT, RUS, ENG)

1.00 EUR per А4 page

Typewriting (other languages)

1.60 EUR per А4 page

High quality record transcription

0.40 EUR/min

Low quality record transcription

0.50 EUR/min


from 3 EUR

Scenario creation

from12 EUR

Essay writing

4 EUR/1 000 symbols

Abstract writing

5 EUR/1 000 symbols

Course work writing

7 EUR/1 000 symbols

Presentation creating

2 EUR/slide

Information searching

6 EUR/30min

Poll creating

0.30 EUR/question

Survey sending to respondents

2 EUR/10 respondents


from 8 EUR/hour

Other services:

Help in program installation

5 EUR/10 min

Help in operation sistem installation

15 EUR

Remote computer help

5 EUR/10 min

Hotel selection

from 5 EUR

Travel tour selection

from 10 EUR

Route creating

from 20 EUR